Cold Cases Solved

Pamela Milam Murder – Cold Case Solved After 47 Years

On Saturday, September 16, 1972 a grisly discovery was made when the trunk of a vehicle belonging to 19-year-old Indiana State University sophomore Pamela Milam was opened. The young co-ed had planned on spending the weekend on campus to attend some scheduled Sigma Kappa sorority events but had gone missing on the Friday night. While she commuted to school each day, she was expected to stay at one of the rooms the sorority had on campus. Pam had left her sorority sisters on Friday night to move her car closer to the dorm, promising to be back in a few…

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john william kelley convicted

John William Kelley – Cold Cases Solved

As a father of four children, I know how difficult it can be dealing with your child as they make their transition from child to teenage to young adult. I have had some major arguments with my children and been incredibly frustrated when they’ve made mistakes or didn’t do as they were told. There have been arguments where cool down periods were required and conversations went from heated yelling matches to absolute silence for extended periods of time. In my case, cooler heads have always prevailed but there were times when threats of leaving home echoed through the household. Thankfully…