48 Hours Full Episode – The Soldier’s Wife

48 Hours – The Soldier’s Wife documents the murder trial of Skylar Nemetz. On October 16th, 2014 Skylar’s wife Danielle Rippeon was shot in the back of the head with her own AR-15, a gift from her husband Skylar.

The jury had to determine whether or not Skylar intentionally shot his wife in the back of the head in an act of rage or if it was truly a tragic accident as Skylar claimed.

Skylar and Danielle met over Facebook and was love at first sight. Danielle was a happy go lucky high school student despite the fact that she was raised by her grandmother after her mother passed away as a toddler. At the age of 14, she also lost her grandmother and moved in with her stepfather.

Danielle turned to past boyfriend’s families for the connection she lacked at home. Within a month of dating Skylar, she moved in with him at his mother Danette Heller’s home and had an instant family. Skylar bought a ring and popped the question after only 3 months of being together and she happily said yes.

Skylar enrolled in the army and the two moved to off-base housing. While her husband was off training, Danielle enrolled in a local high school, worked and jumped into the role of housewife. After a three week deployment for battlefield training, Danielle drove to greet her husband. The two drove back home and shared a pizza. Skylar had a couple of drinks and was lying on the bed while Danielle was FaceTiming one of her best friends.

They both seemed happy to this friend but 12 minutes later Danielle was dead, having been shot in the back of the head while she sat at the computer finishing up some work. The weapon used was her very own AR-15, a gift from her husband.

Skylar didn’t immediately call police. In fact, it was a neighbour who called 911. Skylar returned the gun to the closet, dumped the alcohol out of two bottles and disposed of them. When police arrived, he confessed that his wife was dead and that he had shot her by accident.

48 Hours documents the crime, the trial and it’s eventual outcome. This is an excellent episode and presents both sides of the case as well as speaking with jurors about their reasoning behind their decision.

I am currently working on a full-article covering this case. Stay tuned for that as well.

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